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How To Develop Intuition

This month I'm doing an entire series on #intuition so if you've ever wondered how to develop, hone, strengthen or expand your own intuition, this is the series for you!

Ever wonder how #psychics see things? Or how #tarotreaders can be so on point with their readings? Well I've got some simple tips to help you start to hear & trust your own internal guidance system.

You see there's one simple shift that you can make to remove a big block from your intuitive voice so if you'ready to start tapping into your inner truth... watch the video below.

We'll cover:

  • The first big (but simple) step to becoming #intuitive.

  • Busting myths about being psychic

  • How my own sixth sense works

  • an easy exercise to practice building that intuitive muscle

  • and more!

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