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What's Blocking You From Manifesting?

We all have things we want to manifest and if you're a follower of mine, chances are you've got a shit ton of blocks. I mean, I love you guys, but I'm just follow me for a reason. lol So let me just tell you that I am the Queen of big-ass-blocks-to-manifesting-your-dreams so I've got years of experience under my belt. Honestly, if you knew the person that I was internally when it came to living and pursuing my dreams versus the one I am today, you'd all be chomping at the bit to find out what my secret was---most of you already are. :)

When I started living my dream in 2009, my greatest fear in life was in fact: living my dream. Can any of you relate to that?

I was performing live shows all over Philadelphia, I even went on tour and played for colleges, mayors and radio shows. I was personally connected to some of the largest media platforms in my city. My own relative wrote the song "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" that Cindy Lauper sings...seriously. Every big name bands' concerts I went to, the Universe would align in such a way that I would end up being backstage, hanging out with the bands or even getting invited to all of their shows for free. (I've told my amazing manifesting band stories to my Empire Members, they get all the juicy stuff.)

I was in such insanely close alignment to my own dreams, vibing so high, that I could literally fucking taste them. It was like I was riding a magic carpet of momentum and that shit was going fast but STILL I couldn't even get a fucking album out. I felt like I was swimming against the fucking current all the time when it came to showing myself to the world. I was blocking my ultimate dreams from happening for one reason and one reason only...

Watch to find out what that reason was.

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