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Top 10 Dangerous Mistakes Empaths Make

Four years ago, I created a video called "10 Signs You're An Empath (or HSP)". Since then I've heard from thousands of empaths across the globe.

I've heard their struggles, their intimate stories, answered their questions, coached them & watched them grow--all while being an empath myself struggling with all of the exact same things.

There's a widely known rumor in the empath community that we've all heard; being an empath is a curse.

I know that it can feel like a curse to so many of us. It feels like something we just can't control making us spiral into depressive episodes out of the blue, or become so fatigued or dizzy that we can't enjoy normal functions like most people. I remember having to lay down at home for 40 mins at a time while waves of energy moved through me, drinking water & eating pretzels to feel better as my loved ones looked at me like I was crazy, wondering if I was just being dramatic. Phantom health issues and depressive episodes are just some of the side effects of these unknown mistakes that so many empaths make. Other side effect include being abused in relationships, feeling so resentful of your loved ones that you have to completely cut them off & always playing small in life.

Today, I get to the core of these issues and the exact place empaths make the wrong turn that leads them into it. This is a list to help you become self-aware in order to break the empath curse.

Watch with love and compassion for yourself and get ready for some eye-opening breakthroughs.

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