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Image by Filip Zrnzević

Read what clients are saying...


Tiffany M.

The Clairvoyant Energy Reading & Healing was amazing! You were spot-on! So many wonderful things have been happening since the session. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Darienne! 

The recording has been a gift. I listened to it for the first time yesterday. I keep returning to that whimsical energy you mentioned and the *perfect* solution for me presented itself!


Brittney F.

I experienced a clairvoyant energy reading and clearing with Darienne and it was so cathartic. Her presence, even though virtual, was calming, uplifting, and intentional. This experience took me from feeling quite low to feeling amazing, light, and refreshed. I can’t wait to meet with her again for more spiritual growth.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The readings are based off of the energy that Darienne senses from her own perspective and understanding. Because of this results will vary and accuracy is not guaranteed. Darienne Empire is not responsible for any decisions made based on a reading that you receive. 

Image by Filip Zrnzević

Read what clients are saying...


Melissa D.

Darienne is such an amazing human being, spiritual coach, leader, teacher, guide, Light, Healer, Singer/Songwriter and Performer, Alchemist, Goddess, Creatrix and Intuitive.  Honestly, it is hard to describe her in a small paragraph for me.  Darienne came into my life when I was in the middle of one of the darkest times.  She popped up on a YouTube feed, and I clicked on it for whatever reason as it was not a video I normally would see on my feed and my life was never the same after that.  She opened my eyes and my spirit.  She began to help remind me of who I am.  I spent many years listening to her, watching her videos and following her teachings and guidance.  I have personally transformed in so many ways since I first found her or maybe it was She who found me?  After many years, I finally had a session with Darienne.  To be actually connecting with her energetically in the Now, one on one, was such an amazing, transformative and healing experience.  Her energy and insight is unlike anyone else. It also felt like reconnecting with someone from my Soul Tribe/Family.  After the Session I was filled with a deep calm and peace.  A feeling of Balance and empowerment that I had not felt in a long time.  I felt lighter, freer and grounded. Darienne, thank you for everything. I know I tell you that all the time, I hope you don’t ever get tired of hearing it.  Thank you more than you can ever know from the bottom of my heart for all that you are and all that you do.  Thank you for your kindness and this wonderful gift you gave me.  

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