About: Darienne

DARIENNE is an international Singer/Songwriter, Artist, Certified Spiritual Coach, Centre Stage Certified Speaker, Certified Channeler and Youtuber. She is also trained in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) levels 1 & 2, Intuitive Energy Healing and a practicing Witch with experience reading Tarot since her teens.


For years, she has been helping sensitives & intuitives who've struggled with traumatic experiences to break the chains of victimhood, claim their magic, and begin to manifest what they've always dreamed. She embodies a life fueled by passion and actualized by a pure connection with her own Divinity. 

 DARIENNE is a true alchemist which endows her with the wisdom to help others. Her scope of creative abilities in music, writing, art, dance, singing, design, performing and intution have helped her to transform her personal experiences with depression, addiction, self-harm, loss of a loved one to suicide, sexual abuse, teen motherhood and narcissistic abuse into instruments of pure self-empowerment.


If you ask any of her followers about her you'll hear words like "RAW, REAL, RELATABLE, PASSIONATE, LOVING, WISE and HILARIOUS". Certainly all compliments to her!