DARIENNE is an International Singer/Songwriter, Certified Spiritual Coach, Centre Stage Certified Speaker and Online Influencer. She is also trained in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Intuitive Energy Healing and now a practicing Witch.


For years, she has been helping sensitives & intuitives who've struggled with traumatic experiences to break the chains of victimhood, claim their magic, and begin to manifest what they've always dreamed. She embodies a life fueled by passion and actualized by a pure connection with her own Divinity. 

 DARIENNE is a true Alchemist endowing her with the wisdom to help others. Her scope of creative abilities in music, writing, art, dance, singing, design, performing and intution have helped her to transform her personal experiences with depression, addiction, self-harm, loss of a loved one to suicide, sexual abuse, teen motherhood and narcissistic abuse into instruments of pure self-empowerment.


If you ask any of her followers about her you'll hear words like "RAW, REAL, RELATABLE, PASSIONATE, LOVING, WISE and HILARIOUS". Certainly all compliments to her!



My Dearest, 

    I want you know that I have dreamt of you my entire life. Maybe I always knew you'd need me. Sometimes I feel like I chose my pain just to show you that we are stronger than it all. And If I can do it, than so can you. I have been put through the Universe's ringer, dragged through the mucky muds of tragedy and through it all I never stopped thinking of you. I have written more suicide notes and had more attempts than you could imagine. But every time, no matter how deep my despair, ultimately only one thing stopped me from going: You. I couldn't leave this world knowing I held within me the answer to all your suffering. It was like I knew something the rest of the world didn't. I could see the magic in it all. Even through all that darkness a light still glistened. And more than anything, I wanted those who couldn't see it to know it was there and possible for them too no matter who they were or what they had endured. 

    Maybe this cultivated from being surrounded all my life by the people I loved so dearly, the ones who's own magic I could see in them, but they couldn't see themselves. And as a result, I could see their suffering. Not on the surface but underneath. A quiet suffering beneath their skin. And on the outside, I watched them do all they could to make up for the pain of feeling unheard, discarded or like they didn't matter. I could see the crushed dreams & the remnants of a shining young soul who once believed that anything was possible. Hell, I even joined them for a great part of my life. And while we all lived in the dark, there was one difference between us; I knew I didn't belong there. I knew that love was my home and so I suffered greatly the further from it I found myself. I picked up the same harmful habits that many of my loved ones did. I lived on the edge of life to find the answers to my agony and when I inevitably fell from that edge the only answer I seemed to find was rock bottom. 


    Don't get me wrong, I discovered a great deal about the badass part of myself when I ventured into the dark side but I decided to carry my baddassery into the light. And so here I stand, a badass rebel angel on earth. Giving all you badass angels permission to fly in all of your magical glory. It's been a long road and a crazy ride for us all but don't forget your wings. 

    I'm not your savior but I will be your sister and stand beside you as you save yourself. 

With All The Love I am,

© Copyright 2019 DARIENNE EMPIRE

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