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   Darienne, a Spiritual Empowerment Coach, Psychic Energy Healer, and Singer/Songwriter, embarked on her journey by sharing personal spiritual insights on YouTube as a hobby in 2013, initially expecting little interest but sharing purely for the joy of it. However, her videos resonated deeply, drawing thousands seeking answers and a sense of community. This joy of sharing led to the beautiful evolution of a business where she serves thousands of individuals all over the world on their healing journey through trauma.

   Rooted in her profound personal experiences, Darienne empowers others to navigate their spiritual journeys. Raised in a challenging environment and shaped by the struggles of addiction, teen motherhood, and the loss of her daughter's father to suicide, she discovered the transformative power of spirituality.

   Darienne's raw, real, and relatable style resonates deeply with her audience. Providing a safe space for individuals to explore their truths, heal past traumas, and embrace their authentic selves, she remains committed to helping others uncover their inner wisdom and reclaim their power.

   Today, Darienne continues to inspire and uplift through her online content, energy readings, and healing sessions. Her story stands as a testament to human resilience and the transformative power of embracing truth.


Professional Credentials










Innerconnection Institute

Completed Clairvoyant Training- Certified Clairvoyant Energy Reader and Healer

Completed Clairvoyant Master- Associate Minister for the Church Of Infinite Spirit

Lightworkers Lab- Crystal Anne Compton & Tricia Carr

Completed Channeling Intensive- Certified Channeler

Dean Street Society

Completed Instagram with Intention Training

Chris-Anne Donnelly 

Completed Sacred Creators Business and Branding Magic

Alternative and Complimentary Healthcare Pros

Completed EFT Level 1 & 2 Training- Certified EFT Practitioner Candidate

Chantelle Adams

Completed Centre Stage Training- Certified Center Stage Speaker

Gabrielle Bernstein

Completed Spirit Junkie Masterclass Live Training - Certified Spiritual Coach

Intuitive Energy

Completed Meditation 1, 2 & 3 Training

Complete Female Energy 1 & 2 Training

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