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21 Days Of

Self Love

Guided Meditation Package


Let Darienne take you on a journey of self-love with this guided meditation package. Completely inspired & channeled by Spirit, Darienne created the entire composition including the production, the music, the performance & the meditations themselves. She intentionally infused the energy of love into each particle of this project. 


The purpose is to help you create a daily practice of cleansing yourself with the energy of love & raising your vibrations to put you into a state of love allowing you to receive your greatest desires and feel worthy of them in the process. Pure joy & self-compassion is her goal for you with this meditation program. 

*Purchase each track for $4.44 or save by purchasing the entire album & receive 3 FREE Bonus tracks!!

**Access The Chakra Guided below to help you with week 3 of the meditations. 

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