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It's time...

To Slay Your Dragons & Take Your Throne

Build Your Empire From Within.

Image by Anne Nygård
The first step is always the hardest

But knowing how & where to start can make things a little easier...

Prisoner Icon.png

Prisoner Phase

Are you feeling lost? Maybe you've struggled with depression, self-worth issues or major blocks in your life. If so, click here for help.

Dragon Slayer Icon.png

Dragon Slayer Phase

Have you had an awakening or started to become aware of the thoughts in your mind that are working against you? Wish you had the proper tools to help you heal? Click here for that.

Empire Builder.png

Empire Builder Phase

Have you finally come to a place where you wake up actually feeling good and now you're excited to manifest everything you've ever dreamed? Here's the place for that!

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Ruler Phase

Have you learned how to master your own mind, life & daily practice? Are you feeling called to start paying it forward, helping others & spreading your message? Click here!


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B  E  H  I  N  D     T  H  E


M  E  E  T     T  H  E   

Love from the Empire Coven

We are proud to be an inclusive community here. We have people from all over the globe, all different backgrounds, genders, age, sexuality

"One of my favorite videos!! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom 💙"

-Chanel Marte

"Thanks Dari!!! As usual you brighten up my day by your friggin" awesomeness!!."

-Rachael D

"I'm crying right now.. wow.."

-forever yours

"Wow, this video is amazing... I think you covered all the basics and then some."

-Empathic God Kasey

"'re funny! I adore that!"

-Raquel English

"Your energy is so clean! Your vibrations are so high I got chills listening to this."

-Kinlee Slay

"I could watch your videos nonstop!! There aren't enough hours in the day!!!"

-Sara Ro

"Dari you always make sense and have a brilliant mind. Love Love Love your outlook on things. Listen to this girl..."


"You are wonderful love you."

-Anthony Pol

"I think your amayyyzzing, you continue to be you and do you, you inspire me and your videos have changed my life for the better. I love your music too. You're a beautiful soul. Thanks for being you."

-K2raradio Radio

"You are brilliant! Thank you for everything! Much love!"

-catalina page mjj

"I love your channel Dari! <3 You are an amazing soul! I watch you all the time."

-Brittnie Greene

"thanks for sharing your wisdom you beautiful soul."

-Juan Londono 

"I 💗💓💗You."

-celinne foi

F  E  A  T  U  R  E  D     O  N