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Private Coaching

6 Week to 6 Month Packages            (payment options available)

Private Coaching

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Tarot Reading

Private Sessions                                          $111+/mo

Tarot Reading

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Keys To The Empire

Monthly Membership                                       $44/mo

Join a tribe of like-hearted rockstars & get incredible monthly content to help you stay connected to the Source within you & become the ruler of your own life!

Love Embodied FB Banner.png

Love Embodied

4 Week Course                                              $444
                                          (payment options available)

Take a month long journey in the highest vibe of healing. I had so much fun creating this course as I truly show you how to bring LIGHT into the dark so there's no fearful or painful work that we do here. It's all magical healing with miraculous love. 

Manifest From Your Soul Promo prayer han

Manifest From Your Soul

7 Week Course                                              $777
                                          (payment options available)

Learn the exact powerful tools that I have used over the years to manifest everything I have. This is a course not only to get more stuff but to find alignment with your truest Soul's desires. 

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How To Rock It As An Empath

8 Week Course                                            $1,111
                                          (payment options available)

The most sought after course I have ever created. Not just any course for Empaths but a deeply transformational experience to help any Highly Sensitive Person be able to stand loud & proud on the stage of your own life!

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