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  •  You feel alone on your spiritual path or magical practice & would like a little continued guidance.

  • You're confused about what books to read or practices to implement day-to-day base on your own personal needs. 

  • Your stubborn limiting beliefs are still getting in the way of you living the life your truly desire.

  • You feel stuck and aren't sure how to get back to feeling free and happy again.

  • You don't feel completely connected to Source all the time & you know there's more t life than this.


Chicago, IL

Member Since November 2017

 A profound self discovery...

I am a light worker and have been meditating and doing Energy Healing work since 2008. I came across one of Darienne's YouTube videos this past summer. I immediately felt drawn to her energy. I love her energy and her style of teaching and interpreting enrgy. It definitely makes it sooo much easier to understand. I wish there were more people like her when I first started my spiritual journey.

   I appreciate that she has created this safe place where she talks about energy, ACIM, she does full moon and new moon rituals for the group. There is no judgement and the energy is set at such a high vibe. She also does card pulls and monthly tarot readings for the groups along with suggested books, oils for the month and podcasts with a ton of fun and new information. The list goes on and on and on (join and you can see for yourself)... This group is amazing, I am glad I am part of this group and I can continue to grow and enhance my spiritual journey. I believe that if the learning is over, so is the magic and the life. In this group you will definitely learn something new and not just through the content but a profound self discovery through the readings and rituals and meditations guided by Darienne!


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  • Personal access to the members-only website with your own username & password

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  • Special Discounts on select products & courses

  • Bi-weekly Facebook Lives reading 'A Course In Miracles'

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  • Access to the private Facebook Group

  • Member-exclusive monthly podcast with special guest experts

  • Printable Worksheets

  • Monthly Guided Meditations

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  • Suggestions on Oils, Teas, Crystals & Books to help support you monthly.

  • Support from a community of like-minded souls


Surprise, AZ

Member Since November 2017

I feel as though I have found My Tribe

Since Joining Keys To The Empire I feel as though I have found “My Tribe” so to speak. I am finally among People/Friends that understand and relate to me. I relate to and understand them as well. Its a mutual give and take and while I may not have been able to be as active as I intended, I do always strive to be able to participate as much as possible. I value this Group very much. I value (Darienne) for sharing, teaching and connecting with us, and helping us to live a more free, inspired and creative life! There are many spiritual Gurus, if you will, out there but not many Empaths that explain how to function and excel in this physical world.

   Since finding (Darienne) on Youtube I have grown so much as a person. I was very much someone that never left my house unless I had to and have started my own Business! Its a very Social Business and has required me to stretch passed my comfort zones more than I realized even at first. However,  I am and getting better at it all the time. I feel for once like I am not a Freak! However Special and as (Darienne) put it once like a SuperHero with Magical Powers! I used to always say what an open minded person I am and (Darienne) has open my mind even more!!!

    Thank you Darienne 😊 Thank you for being You and for being so Down to Earth while so Spiritual at the same time. You are the first person that I could relate to and finally understand what being an Empath is all about! I could go on for hours! I love and Appreciate you and Our Beautiful and Amazing Group! My Beloved Tribe ❤️

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