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Freedom Dream





C O A C H I N G   O P T I O N S

{*Below is an outline of the services I offer. During our consultation we will discuss your needs & your coaching will be intuitively tailored specific to your desired outcome.}

M A N I F E S T   F R O M   Y O U R   S O U L 

  • In this program we follow a specific formula that I have found to be monumental in my own life. We'll review the aspects of your life & develop a plan for reaching your goal in each area.  

  • I'll teach you a few different powerful modalities to free you from any beliefs or past traumas that are keeping you from your dreams.

  • Most important I help you tap into & discover your Soul's true desires so you can not only manifest but do so in line with your deepest Truth. This way the joy becomes lasting joy & you don't manifest a desire only to discover it's not what you truly wanted.

  • The tools provided in this program have made such a huge & lasting impact on the clients I have coached.

R O C K   I T   A S   A N   E M P A T H 


  • Specific to Empaths & Energy Sensitives we dive deeper into learning about energies & how to heal, clear & transform them.

  • ALL about empowerment. I teach you to tap into the magic of the Universe, as an Empath you'll finally see what your gifts are truly capable of.

  • Most important here you'll be able to finally OWN your space & not be dictated by the often intrusive energies of others.

  • You'll learn the difference between your energy & others', setting energetic boundaries & healing your co-dependent tendencies.

  • You'll still be able to help people but this time from the space of being grounded in your powerful Truth. 

S L A Y   Y O U R   D R A G  O N S

  • Move out of Depression & into your Dreams. A beautiful complimentary service to your traditional talk-therapy with actionable steps that I have used in my own self-healing to gently bring you out of a depressive state into a peaceful state & eventually into your dreams & a lasting joy.

  • This program is all about self-love, forgiveness & acceptance as you learn to develop an inner self-talk that is supportive.

  • You'll also learn more about how depression works, clearing low vibrational energies & being prepared for anything that comes your way.

  • The goal of this coaching is to teach you new ways of thinking & developing a support system from deep within.


H E A L I N G   T H E   Q U E E N  W I T H I N 


  • This add-on is specific to women wanting to heal their own feminine energy & discover their inner Queen.

  • This could benefit women suffering from sexual traumas, low self-esteem & and anyone wanting to embrace their feminine power. 

H E A L I N G   T H E   Q U E E N  W I T H I N 


  • This add-on is specific to women wanting to heal their own feminine energy & discover their inner Queen.

  • This could benefit women suffering from sexual traumas, low self-esteem & and anyone wanting to embrace their feminine power. 

L A U N C H I N G   Y O U R   P A S S I O N

  • As an add-on to your life & spiritual coaching I can also help with tips, tools & ideas to launch your Soul-driven business. 

  • Through the knowledge & experience I've acquired being in business for myself since the age of twenty-two.

  "Before I started with Dari I was a little lost on where I was supposed to go next. I had been working on my anxiety and it had gotten better but not where I wanted or knew it could be. I was still living in fear and regret and wanted to be happy, truly happy. When I spoke with her for my consultation, I knew right there it was meant to be. We started and it was like a wave of relief and faith swept over me. She helped me to connect even more with God and my angels and even better helped me to find happiness, happiness in my soul. I had never felt that no matter how hard I tried. My soul smiles and is happy and I have also learned to connect with people on a deeper level including my family. EFT has literally cleared out the crap that was holding me back and I can use it to deal with life instead of running to anxiety. She is a beautiful person with a beautiful soul and I am deeply in debt to how she has helped me. My soul is free now."

- Danielle Foglesong, Beachbody Coach

   "I am on cloud 9 right now and you helped me get here. So THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart again. You are an angel on earth here and if I had not worked with you I don't think I could have found true happiness. I just passed my Personal Trainer Certification, something I have wanted to do for years and never had the guts or confidence to do. You are apart of that."



Jumpstart Package
Extended Package
Long-term Package

6 months


    If a complete overhaul of negative thinking & major blocks, even emotional traumas is in order for you to really step into your dreams or if you have rather large dreams & need lots of help completely transforming your life than the full 6 month package may be your choice. We'll go over a complete plan for you & I will coach into laying down the foundation of your empire anchored in Spirit & help you to step into your Divinely given throne once & for all. 

3 months

    If you feel that you need help with more of a lifestyle change & practicing these new habits of thought with a coach & uplifting support by your side than the extended 12 week package may be for you. In this package you'll begin with a more intensive 6 weeks but will be given plenty of time & space to practice all that you've learn with my guidance to really ensure it's going to be a lasting change for you.