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☕ TEA TALK: Life Update + Shattering The Patriarchy

Updated: Apr 24

Hello My Darlings,

It's been a minute, I thought I would give you an update on my life & spiritual journey. You know I'm always learning through something new & figuring out new things to bring to you in order to teach & inspire you. And of course for my own personal joy & fulfillment; let's not forget that. I have struggled with my spiritual practice, with healing after narcissistic abuse and breaking free from my own patriarchal conditioning as a woman. I know for sure that once I have come out of this with clarity, it will be magical and I will have some powerful things to teach you & much more beautiful art to create. Trust and believe that. In the meantime, I am "sifting through some contrast", as Abraham Hicks would say.

Grab yourself a nice cup of hot tea, cozy up & have a chat with me. Watch below.

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