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How To Parent A Child Who Suffered Trauma

It's the 8 year anniversary of my daughter's father's suicide. In honor of both my daughter and the sacrifice her father made of his own life so that I could help millions of people in need, I have created today's video.

I don't think that people talk about--or equip--parents enough with how to raise children who have suffered traumas and it is so utterly important that is just has to be talked about.

I share 5 important tips in parenting a child who's suffered a trauma in a conscious way so that they can grow up to live happy, healthy lives and not search for toxic ways of coping.

As a parent, you are one of, if not the most powerful influence on your children's mind & hearts. You can literally make or break them.. Where you choose to set the needle in the parenting process through their younger years can completely change the trajectory of their lives & ultimately their own destiny.

This isn't a power to be feared, this is a power to be revered, honored and held sacred. You have a beautiful power to create a healthy little being who can grow to fulfill their truest destiny from deep within. I love you. I support you and I believe in you.

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