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How To Develop Intuition With Tarot Cards

Today, we're following in the second part of this month's video series on Intuition. Be sure to watch the previous video 'How To Develop Intuition' where I cover some basic tips & tools for starting to develop your own intuitive abilities.

This week on #FreedomFriday we're talking about reading tarot, oracle, angels cards & the likes. I've gotten a lot of questions over the last year about what cards I would recommend so I took this opportunity to share with you all of my favorite decks & gave some tips on reading them.

When it comes to choosing a deck I would go with one that calls you. Maybe you love the way it looks, maybe the deck falls on your foot at a bookstore, in my case someone just sent my Tarot deck to me so the deck sort of found me. But regardless, I would choose a deck you have some sort of connection with.

Sit back, relax, maybe take some notes & check out my awesome tips on reading cards!

--> Click here to comment on Youtube what YOUR favorite decks are!

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