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How To Connect With Deities

I've gotten a few questions from people wanting to learn how to connect with deities. I've also gotten comments from those transitioning from New Age Spiritual concepts & teachings just like me who just can't connect with the concept deities or even a need for using them in their magick. I totally get that, btw. If that's you, keep reading.

This video is perfect for both of those kinds of people. I not only talk about the traditional ways of connecting with deities but I also shatter any dogmatic rule book & give a fresh new perspective on connecting with ancient deities, angels, ancestors, and energies to help you in so many ways including healing yourself which is how I have used my connection with deities as I mention in the video.

Give it a watch, share with your witchy friends & let me know what ways you've been inspired to connect with deities after watching this video.

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