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Unleash The Art Within

I think it's about time I write! It's been quite sometime since I just put pen to paper (or fingertips to keyboard) and unleashed the magical beast. Ah, such a passion for me to write. "Why not more often", you say? Well,'s the beauty of art, it is patient.

It waits inside of you, growing its little fingers and toes for the perfectly divine time to be birthed. And when that moment comes, if you're a true Artist (and we all are) your body knows, on its own, exactly what it needs to do to bring this little Masterpiece into the world.

And today... it shall breathe its first breath.

Ah, what a love of words I have? Like colors splashed on a canvas to form something that makes sense only to one's heart. What a privilege?

Have you found it yet, your Art within? Have you splashed your colorful pieces on the grand canvas that is this life?! You should only be so lucky to taste one glimpse of such magic in one lifetime

If there's truth to that, then I live a thousand lifetimes each day. Art breathing through each crevice of my whole human essence.

I Am Art.

Waiting to be exposed to the eyes of the planet. Hoping to burst through these pores and whisk this body away to greater heights, atop higher mountains, and flown from the edges of cliffs back to its rightful home; soaring alongside the birds and kissing the morning sun. Ah...Heaven.

Heaven, these words bring me to. Heaven, I belong. I could weep each word one by one from my grateful eyes. Oh, Heaven!

How humbled I am that you come to touch me once again. You're always here,you say. But my blind eyes seek in darkness. For this blanket, so thick and black, somehow keeps me warm. But you've made your way through the fog in the unleashing of my inner Art. And so I'll bruise my knees on hardened floor to bow to Art's grand gesture to bring me a joy throughout my veins that I may never feel again.

And in this moment... I live... free. Limitless and alive...

as the Artist and the Art become One.

Pulsate through me as only in this passing moment I am translucent and one second away from pretending to be someone else again. Pulsate through me, oh precious Masterpiece that I may never meet again. I love you deeply. For, you are my purpose to live.

The reason I bleed is just to know you.

And you don't seek me out with angst. You wait happily with your big, wide, blissfully loving, open arms meant only for me.

So I let you pass in whatever moment you choose. And I will feed from your lingering aroma each passing day in your absence until the moment we choose to Love again. Then I will dive into you and Heaven will me mine.

For now, I'll sit in the trails of your warm, uplifting essence. Hearing your playful giggles as you teach me the magic of life. My beloved soulmate.

Thank You.

Thank you for this gift beyond any formula of words meant to capture beauty. There is no tree in its grandest stature, no flower in the peak of its blossom to rightfully portray the essence of your Love for me in this moment.

Captured in these words, on this paper...

for me to visit and remember...

how lucky I was in this very moment...

to unleash the Art within.

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