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How To Keep Holding Onto Hope

The photo on the right reads a line from a song I wrote last year called 'Holding Onto Hope' & today... I give you this hope. I tell you, I am so unbelievably blessed to be this vessel of God's message- this beacon of light for you, my brothers & sisters. I want to tell you that I know your struggle & I know your pain & I want to grace you with this message: Keep holding on. Your spirit may be broken, I know...I've been there. I've given up & been ready to throw it all away (even my own life at times). But today, as it occurs many days, the world opened up for me in a whole new way I've never known. I've stepped even deeper into my purpose & realized the immense value my existence holds on this earth & I ask you...

Is there any greater feat than finding

Your True Worth?!

  • Did I beg for my mind to open up & to be given this gift? No.

  • Did I curse at the sky? There have been times.

  • But more importantly, did I do the daily work on myself & take each step blindly into the direction of a hope that I was never quite sure even existed?

YES! YES!! & YES!!! (And it did.)

And sometimes it seems like I'm going in circles-getting nowhere fast but other times... Times like this... I am rewarded in a greater greatness than I could've ever imagined! & it doesn't come in a prize I can hold in my hand, but a deep understanding that I can hold in my heart & be surrounded by Love! A Spiritual Awakening where I shed the skin of my prior self to be reborn into a shiny new more loving & truer version of myself. SO HOLD ON! That tiny little string of Hope... It's real!! I promise you. Just keep holding on. :) Sending You My Love & Strength,

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