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Happy Valentine's Day

I felt God's love last night. I remember the last time I felt that years ago. It feels just like the love I'm always

searching for on the outside...from a man. To be loved is all we ever desire and to feel the love of God--so secure and warm. The knowing that I can finally let my guard because this is something that I can trust. Trust. That feels amazing!

I don't know why you chose to make me feel that this time, God. I didn't ask for it in that moment like I did the last moment you filled my heart with your love. I needed proof that you existed then. I was in great desperation and you delivered. I'll never forget that moment. I've describe the experience as feeling your arms wrap around me. It was a very personal experience that let me know that you were there for me when I needed you most. When I felt no love in my heart.

This time I feel like some of the tough decisions I've had to make in order to live out my calling have subsequently left me feeling very alone and your immense love let's me know otherwise. What a beautiful thing! How blessed I am to have a creator so loving, patient, and ever forgiving! You give me my strength and help clear my mind in order to see the Truth in all and walk away from unhealthy situations. No matter how alone I may appear to be, I am more willing to sacrifice the wrongs in my life for the greater good of my heart. I will never be alone as long as I let you into my life to guide my soul. I've walked blind but held your hand and you soon rewarded me with site again. I've kept your words that "This too shall pass" in moments of despair and you rewarded me with joy again.

Throughout every day I will speak to you, I will pray to you, I will thank you, I will ask you to show me the way. And when I start to forget you or where I am going, I have utter faith that you will quickly remind me that the only peace, love, and joy there is, is through You. As I cry my reminder's tears, I will always thank you for my soul's enrichment and for bringing me back home again.

On this Day of Love that I've been dreading , I have experienced the greatest love of all. When I thought I'd be alone today, God has reminded me that I am in the greatest of company. I am in God's company!

Thank You, Lord.

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