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I've been write. I don't know where to write this yet, but I trust that God

will guide me there. My heart tells me to speak to those who suffer the same way I suffered for many years. To teach what I know about all of the discoveries I, myself, have made. Some may see me as "Darienne", a Singer/Songwriter, doing something that I have had a passionate love for all my life. They may believe that singing is my destiny, my calling. And though it has always been my dream, my true purpose ,beneath it all, is to inspire You!

I've tread through wet cement in the darkness for many years and I am Here to tell you that there is joy and Greatness out there waiting for you to come and get it! I encourage you, if nothing else in your life, to search for that Greatness within You. Realize your own magnificence! That which goes beyond your physical beauty, your material possessions, and what role your life experiences have conditioned you into playing. Know that the only punishments you endure are not that of God, but that of yourself. God is good, and only good. It is your own mind that translates it askew and says otherwise.

I have to trust that God is providing me with the right words to speak to those of you who need to be spoken to at this time in your life. If there is any ounce of you that is lighting up by these words...feel that. Listen to what the Universe is trying to tell you. If you find yourself judging or resisting these words, understand that your ego is denying you your own spiritual awakening, in other words; holding you back from being the best You that you can be.

Release yourself from the cage of limitations you've imprisoned yourself in. Let go of the eternal need to be accepted by the world, and the ever constant inability to accept the world for what it is...both perfect, unmistakably! You are Here, exactly where you are supposed to be, in the exact moment you're supposed to be there...embrace that fact. Love that fact. And be thankful of the incredible lessons that this moment in your life has to teach you.

You are all a part of something greater than you. You are not separate from God, as much as your mind would like to think the contrary. The irony in that is that God is what makes your mind work in the first place. God is how your heart can beat without your own effort...without thought, how the sun knows to shine in the day, and how a tiny little seed can grown into a ripe, delicious strawberry filled with all the right nutrients your body needs, including the oxygen we need to breath. We are all connected and have the same energy running through us--beneath the manifestations (i.e. the things that we can see, hear, or touch.)

I, myself, have traveled from many moments of great pain. I have been in the place you are in now. The young mother trying to prove the world wrong and act like a responsible adult even though life made me want to curl up and crawl into my own mothers arms. The hopeless heart looking for love in all the wrong places and often calling lust by the name of love. The addict, wasting away the days in a daze, using the only way I knew to escape the things that I couldn't face. The twenty-something-year-old living back at my parents house with no purpose and no motivation to find it. The victim of the daily grind, of working my tail off climbing the corporate ladder and never being recognized for my accomplishments. The empty, lost soul that couldn't see any good reason to live anymore. And the one that probably most relate to: just a normal person trying to get by in life, never really living up to, or knowing, my full potential. These are among many other roles I've played. I've come to discover and appreciate the purpose of each and every one of these experiences, as each provided me with the tools I needed to serve my purpose of inspiring You...

After reading a few pages from the book 'Wisdom of the Ages' by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, I received this bit of inspiration to write this passage. A message from God if you will. However you'd like to look at it, whatever you'd like to call it. I will post to this blog whenever I am inspired to do so. I encourage you, if you feel compelled to leave a comment, ask a question or even just say "I know what you mean!" It is nice to have a voice and someone to hear it.

Thank you.

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