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As we are about to embark on this important journey I want you to take the time to ask yourself something (possibly even get ready for a good cry)...


What is the one truth about myself that I have been too afraid to admit? 

  I want you take some time over the weekend to sit with this & pour anything that comes up into your journal. What might even come up is just that you're too afraid to even look at it, that's fine too.  if nothing comes up I would encourage you to dig a little deeper.


A great rule for many of the journal prompts is: Don't think about it, FEEL about it. Often when we don't think & just start writing -allowing an answer that come out of us-we gain insight into how the subconscious really sees a certain subject.

Add Love:

Set the intention to surround yourself with the love of angels & God/Source to help you in feeling safe to admit your truth & release it onto the page. Don't judge it, don't try to change it, just allow it to be seen & accepted for what it is.

Here is also a guided meditation for you to start using daily (unless you received 21 Days Of Self-Love & have already started Day 1)

I would suggest coupling this guided meditation with this exercise of releasing the truth in you by doing the meditation first & then journaling.

Sending SO MUCH 

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   Every week I do my best to create space for myself to relax, recoup & recharge. This is SO imperative to my practice of self-love & completely affects how I show up in the world. I give myself a few hours each morning throughout the week to meditate & connect with Source but I like to give myself as much time as I can on Sunday's to give myself whatever it is that I need. A bath, dinner with myself, sitting in a park alone, etc. Yesterday I napped ALL day because sometimes I need that.

I want you to start to create some space for yourself within your day or week to give yourself whatever you might need in that moment. I wouldn't put a restriction on it like saying you have to take a salt bath every Sunday at 9p but rather "I am giving myself 4 hours on this day of the week to just do whatever feels good to my soul in that moment." This will teach you to start to just listen to your own needs.

*Share on the FB post the space that you're creating for yourself this week. (It doesn't have to be as much time as I give to myself. That can be a goal for you if you like. Instead just start with where you are & where you CAN create space for yourself. Every minute for YOU counts.)

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Part of loving yourSELF is loving your body!

The truth is that YOU are NOT your body. You are the Soul within you BUT your Soul/Intution speaks to you through your body & the ego equates the self with the body so the more you love IT the more in fuller alignment you become with Self.

Years ago I did this #BodyLove Series on YT & it still is a basic but powerful practice.

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This session is a deep dive (1 hr 22 mins) into self-love with journal prompts for you to dive deep into. Give yourself the time & space to really be present while you watch & follow the prompts

Here are your journal prompt questions to do on your own...

Allow your subconscious to answer the first 2 questions, meaning don't think about it at all just let the answer come out of you. This allows you to see inside your subconscious beliefs (the auto-pilot version of you). These are the thoughts that are running our entire lives while we're NOT being & thinking consciously.

QUESTION: If I DID love myself wholly and completely what would I do, feel, be, act as, and what might my life look like? (Don't think about it just answer without judgement)

QUESTION: What's stopping you from loving yourself NOW?

QUESTION: When you THINK about your last answers do you really believe they're TRUE & valid reasons for NOT being able to loving yourself right now???

TIP: It's not the THING that you think is holding you back it's merely the thought that there is ANYTHING holding you back at all that IS holding you back.

QUESTION: Write to yourself everything you need to or wish you heard from someone that loved you. What would your SAVIOR say to you?


*After diving deep into these questions, if you feel called to do it I would do a stream of consciousness writing where you just let out all your thoughts on paper, just letting it flow on to the page without any judgment or hesitation.

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  Today's assignment is from me & Meadow.  Click the video to watch now!

Healing your addictions:

-Notice when you get a craving for something where your body starts to think you NEED something outside of yourself.

-Take a look into that craving & ask yourself, "What will this THING give me that I think I can't give yourself." Break it down into an emotion like love, worthiness, joy, etc.

(HINT: The ONLY reason you would ever be addicted to something is bc it allows you to experience some aspect of God or "heaven on earth" which you ALREADY have FULL access to but you're subconscious is just convinced that you need the outside thing or person to give you God, ultimately.)

-Once you identify the FEELING you're looking to get from the thing you're craving you can then see if you can give yourself that feeling by just feeling the feeling or, as I do with the stronger addictions, call on God, Jesus, Source, Angels, Entities, Goddesses, Etc to fulfill that part of you.

-Once you know what you NEED, getting that need met from within is actually pretty easy & just takes a little bit of practice & staying conscious.

Practice this every time a craving that you want to heal comes up & then share with us in the group!

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   Alright loves, it's time to have some fun & click into the creative flow of Source with some inspiring music!! I've created an amazing Self-Love Playlist for you on Spotify (the app is free if you don't already have it).

Part of loving yourself is allowing yourself to DANCE, BE MOVED, EXPRESS, CONNECT, HAVE FUN & FEEL FREE. And I want you to PRACTICE these with this playlist as often as you can.

There are over 70 songs on here so you've got hours & hours of loving yo'self! Many of these songs have helped me through a lot of tough times. Some have touched me to the core, making me feel like the artist truly understood me when no one else did & had me balling my eyes out. And others make me feel like I'm the most bomb-ass powerful woman in the world! Either way, they're all a part of you loving YOU.

If you feel really good jammin' to this playlist I would LOVE to see pics or vids of you dancing or lip syncing to a song that you love (please share in the group!!) Otherwise you're more than welcome to share YOUR favorite self-love song in the group! (In the coming weeks I expect you all to have built the courage to share a video of you dancing )

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 Start curating a list of all the things you LOVE. Add to it each time you think of something. 

-I love my morning tea
-I love to play my piano
-I love my living room decor
-I love Ridley Creek State park & visiting the beautiful horses.
-I love hanging out & laughing with my best friend.


This exercise is super important because it does a number of things for you:

a) it lifts your mood 

b) gets you into the vibration of LOVE 

c) you start manifesting things that are in alignment with love


e) it solidifies your OWN personal energy thumbprint. When you have a solid idea of WHO YOU ARE & what YOU LOVE & affirm that every day (just by thinking about it) it actually becomes much harder for other ppl to inundate your energy with their own which is a MUST for empaths <3

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   It's #FREEDOMFRIDAY! Time to take a load off! Give yourself a break! Time for rest or play or whatever the hell you want. Each weekend I throw my inner work out the window & set myself FREE!


Before you hit those weekend vibes I want you to share/contemplate one last thing. 

WHAT'S YOUR PLACE OF BLISS? (Mental or physical)


This is a photo of one place that I go to as often as I remember to just connect with nature & myself. There's a horse stable there for horseback riding & this little beauty  & I had a moment the last time I went. We just stared at each other peacefully as I walked by but I had to stop & capture it. 

I always picture my dream home backyard to look just like this with a huge field for my horses. It immediately clicks me into the reality of my dreams when I go as I imagine it's my backyard & I just woke up & came outside to sip my morning tea. 

I found out that a local witch coven does all their sabbat rituals here which is no surprise to me bc the place has always felt magical to me. 

QUESTION: So what's YOUR place of bliss? Share in the group and maybe you could visit or visualize it.

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