Released Single Digital Download

Written, Performed & Produced by DARIENNE © Copyright 2016




“Released” was a song where I spoke, I suppose, of my inner quarrels as an empath. I could feel the pain of others & so I struggled with being able to voice my own in fear of triggering more pain in the ones I loved most. This song was a desperate proclamation of my own liberation. I was enchained by my fear of speaking my truth and yet haunted by the need to speak it at the same time. I was also fearful of releasing music officially out to the world & so it seemed fitting for this to be my first music release. This is definitely a Throat Chakra song so I’d say if you have to have some issues there, wear blue & shout this song at the rooftops haha.

My first self-produced song, it’s got a cool beat a little bit different from my typical sound but I thought with the heavy base drum & weeping viola sounds it packed that inspirational punch I needed to convey my true emotions-if not in real life at least in a song.




Ok let’s be honest, “Only Ever Loved” was just a pissed off ballad my fury spit out in a mere fifteen minutes. Lol I had been ever so slightly burned once again by a guy I allowed myself to carry into my own fantasy far from his truth, but close to mine. Needless to say I was a little frustrated about it. I started & ended this rant with “I let it flow, let it flow, let it flow…” because that’s what I did. I needed to just get it out & it was a beautiful way to experience my own sad rage. I was recognizing & releasing my own “fucked-upness” in a sadly sarcastic way. I had been burned by all who loved me & so I just kept fucking recreating that for myself again & again. I had to get it out (and blame the world a little) in ordered to start creating a new story for myself. This is the perfect example of when anger can be extremely empowering. Instead of being