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Love Is My Mission.

From My Personal Journal:

I am healing. I am healed. I am perfect. Where I am & what I see now is simply an illusion created from old ways of thinking. I can think my perfection into existence. This is all an illusion-one that I created. Each injury my body has experienced I decided to hold onto & carry with me as a symbol of the broken, imperfect way I see myself. Hmm... I have carried my stories with me in the same manner-as if I am damaged goods. What if I lifted that? Not like it never happened, but that the only thing I took from it was the beautiful lesson that made me better & brought me closer, more in-tune with God. I can transform that. I can be the walking earthbound angel that the God in me knows & believes I am. And I can manifest my angelic powers, intention, heart & being into existence in this physical plane with the power of my mind & God's will. I can live from the mind of the higher self, for when I am living on earth from the wings of an angel, is keeping a polished home really that important? And do the hours in the day really seem to escape me but rather bend & stretch to my own will. Limitations my lower self believed in seem to melt away through to light being of my angelic-self. Purpose is no question, no pot of gold I strive to uncover throughout my entire physical existence but God-God is my purpose. Love is my mission.

"You could think from the mind of your lower self & spend more than a lifetime combing through all of the impressions & imperfections or you could rise up to live from the wings of your higher self & realize your absolute, immutable perfection."


What's your mission?

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