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Manifest Your Magic Mom Life (Online Class)

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Manifest Your Magic Mom Life (Online Class)

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Mar 02, 2019, 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM
Virtual Class will be help live on FB

About The Event

I've been a single mom for 14 years, a millennial mom of 2 amazing girls & an entrepreneur for nearly as long as I've been a mom. Though, I'll never forget the stress of working a corporate job while raising a toddler on my own & still finding time to be a 20 year old kid. It often felt like I had the entire world on my shoulders, except the world was actually in pieces and I was the only thing keeping it all together; and deep down I just wanted my own Mom.

It wasn't until my daughter's father took his own life in 2010 that I realized I no longer had the luxury of being a stressed out mom anymore. My daughter needed me to be sane. Scratch that. Not just sane, healthy, stable...a rock. I had been pretending to be a rock for 5 years prior but this was a circumstance that obviously rocked me to my core; shattered every bit of stable I pretended to be, and it forced me to get real and make a true positive change. It was a blessing in disguise in many ways and one of them was having to throw out LOTS of mom guilt, delegate things that I could no longer do on my own and most important, make my own mental, spiritual & physical health a #1 priority.

Anywhere that I could cut corners (or rather cut stresses) out, I did it. I became a student and teacher of manifestation tools & meditation practices and started using them in my life. Instead of trying to manifest $10k, a car or a new man like everyone else was doing, I started using those manifestation tools & meditations to transform what was once a diabolically stressed out teen mom life into one of those mom lives my other mom friends envied. Not that that was at all my goal. I want ALL moms to be able to benefit from these tools but that was the case.

Most moms just think that I'm "LUCKY", but I know the truth.

I wasn't just blessed with really great kids, who played quietly and listened well. I wasn't just lucky because my situation awarded me the ability to pursue my dreams or that my kids being easy somehow made it easier for me to have mommy me-time. Yes, my youngest pretty much potty trained herself when she was only 1 year old. That's a true story. My oldest has been getting herself up and completely ready for school all by herself since she was in 2nd grade. And she now cooks a lot of the meals in our house, gets good grades & doesn't ever get into any of the trouble that I got into at her age. I have a toddler and a teenager that are just like anyone else's toddler or teenager.

Trust me....none of my fortunes are from luck.

Every one of them are from deliberate creation. Every one from my own choice to experience my life as a mom in the way I choose to. Every bit of my luck, is in fact the law of attraction.

Do I ever get stressed? Of course. I have a toddler and a teenager, both girls, living in the same house together. The amount of estrogen that is raging in this house can get a little cray! But do I have the tools I need to completely transform every single one of those stresses at any given time? Hell yes. And now I want to share them with all my magic making mamas out there.

Imagine yourself saying, "Being a mom is easy and fun!" Sit with that. If you immediately laughed & thought, "Yea, right. I wish." Then this class is for you. If you thought, "Hmm...that actually feels nice." Then this class is definitely for you.

Get ready to have your mind BLOWN because I'm not teaching any typical parenting BS. You won't hear me tell you HOW to be a mom or the proper way to take disciplinary actions to make your kids act right. I'm not teaching anything like that. No, I'm teaching REAL magic. I'll throw lots of practical tips in there just to help make your day-to-day tasks a little easier but the bulk of what I'll be teaching is strictly magic & a little mind over matter. ;

Virtual Class Details:

$97 General Admission

This class will be held in 2 parts in a Private Facebook Group. Part 1 will be held on Saturday March 2, 2019 @ 2:30p et and Part 2 will be the same time on the next day, Sunday, March 3 @2:30p. Each class will be about 1.5 hrs. This is to fit into any busy mom schedules and give you the opportunity to start using the practices & bring back any questions you might have in the next class.

You will keep your access to the Facebook Group so you can continue to connect with other manifesting mama's to get support in designing your magic mom life. And once the class is complete the video recordings will be accessible to you at anytime in a password protected course site.

$222 VIP Offer (Only 4 spots): If you're wanting to take your magic mom life even further than you DO NOT want to miss this VIP option!! I am offering ONLY 4 people the option to upgrade & receive a 45 minute one-on-one private video coaching session with me ($340 value)!! Get an expert look at your own unique mom life & I will help you to find the small shifts you can personally make in your own life & mindset to make things truly magical for you and only you!

The price of $222 includes the 2 part virtual class PLUS the private coaching session. My sessions alone are valued at $340. I have NEVER offered a one-on-one session at this price but I truly want to give these tools to my mama's out there who deeply deserve it. Act fast on this because there are only 4 total VIP spots & I'll assume they'll be going quick!

Special Referral Offer:

I want this information to go out to as many moms as possible. We ALL deserve to live a beautiful life. So I've decided to create a limited-time special referral offer. Refer 2 moms to the class & get your admission FREE!! Uh read that right.

Here's how:

Share this event with as many moms as you can. After they make their purchase you can message me on my Facebook Page ( and let me know the names & email addresses of the 2 moms that you referred. Once it's been validated you will automatically be added to the Facebook Group & able to attend the class! VIP option is not included in the referral offer. Regardless if you refer someone who purchased the VIP you will still only receive the General Admission options free.

OFFER ENDS Monday, February 25, 2019 @11:59p Eastern Time (You MUST message me before the offer ends or it will not count & you will have to purchase your own ticket to attend the class regardless if you referred 2 moms or not.)

Refund Policy: No refunds will be available unless you make your purchase prior to the Special Referral Offer Dat (2/25/19 @11:59p) and you then refer 2 moms. You will then be eligible to receive the class free & will get a full refund. Other than that, no refunds will be available after purchase.

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