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so much for participation in the "How To Rock It As An Empath" Online Course! I would love to know what you thought of your experience so that I can continue to improve the course in order to serve many more empaths like you! Please fill out the form below to the best of your ability. And, if you'd like to add a testimony for my website I would appreciate it so much!

How satisfied are you overall with the "How To Rock It As An Empath" course?
Did you feel the course website was easy to navigate through & find what you needed?
Do you feel you acquired the knowledge you were expecting to when you signed up for the course?

Now knowing the value you received from the course (including lifetime access), what do you feel the course is worth if you could give it a price?


Here are some tips for writing a testimonial:

  • Write it as if you are speaking to someone that is thinking about taking the course.

  • They'll want to know things like:

    • Was it worth it for you?

    • Did you see results in your life?

    • What was your experience like?

    • How does this course/instructor differ from others?

  • But, feel free to say whatever you feel called to​.

Note: by giving your testimony you are permitting Darienne Empire to use your name, photo, location & any other information you provide on the public website. (You may specify above what you'd to be shared & what you'd like to be kept private.)

Upload a photo of yourself you'd like to be shared with your testimony.

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Thanks for submitting!

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